Cardiac Rehabilitation

The Academy can now offer Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation classes and personal training sessions for people who have been diagnosed with heart disease or have had a cardiac event. The training is individually prescribed for those that have been through a Phase III program or have been referred by their Doctor.Phase IV Training

So if you have suffered a cardiac event, have angina or have been diagnosed with High Blood Pressure then you will find the safest training at the Academy. Phase IV cardiac rehabilitation training takes place after the hospital has discharged you and will help you to regain the fitness and good health you enjoyed before your illness and may even get you to a new level of fitness so that you can enjoy life. Phase IV cardiac rehab training increases your chances of not having future cardiac events by over 20-25%.

Personal training and cardiac rehab can take place in private in the Academy’s fully equipped functional gym, so unlike training in a public gym with lots of other people if you are self conscious or shy you can now train in private. Or if you want Steve will provide personal training, including cardiac rehab anywhere in Essex in your own home.

You don’t have to have a problem with your heart to join the class, myabe you haven’t exercised for a long time and want a gentle start? Maybe it is your partner or friend and you would like to support them, what ever the reason come to the Academy and make a commitment to enjoying a longer, healthier life.