Children’s Martial Arts

The children do not learn the same techniques as taught in the adult classes. They do learn techniques that will prepare them for the adult class but they are specifically designed for them morally and physiologically to allow a healthy development. Teaching discipline, co-ordination, balance, proprioception, strength and endurance. Most important of all they are fun.Chosho Tigers

Are martial arts classes good for children?
All sports are great for children if taught correctly. They need exercise for healthy growth and development, unfortunately this is something that many children are not getting at school or at home. Parents are worried about allowing their children to play out on the streets. The Chosho Tigers program is designed to give growing children the kind of workout they need. The combat element is played down with dangerous techniques removed but techniques to ensure safety are still emphasised. The classes aim to build healthy, well rounded children, improving endurance, strength, flexibility and concentration. Studies have shown that training in martial arts improve their confidence and leads to greater success in scholastic activities. Teaching them good behaviour and discipline, helping to make them better citizens.