Martial Arts

For the best in martial arts in Basildon and for Self Defence in Essex come to the Academy. We specialise in teaching Personal Safety in Essex and the surrounding areas. Each of the arts that we teach form part of an overall system but can be learnt individually. The aims of each class are very clear, we do not teach sport martial arts as we feel they can not be taught alongside self defence successfully. Children’s martial arts are also important to us and we have designed a modified version of the adult system specifically for them.

Steve Boxing

The Martial Arts are an excellent means to increasing fitness and good health. By improving cardiovascular fitness, increasing the strength of muscles, joints and ligaments, restoring and increasing flexibility. They promote feelings of well being by increasing self confidence and self esteem. Taking the health benefits aside the really good thing about training in the martial arts is they are fun and challenging both physically and mentally. The techniques need good proprioception but with patience and practise it can be mastered by anyone, it is students that find it hardest but persevere eventually become the best teachers and exponents of the arts. Having the patience to keep going and reach that point transfers to everything they do making them more successful in other areas of their lives.

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