Personal Training

The Best Personal Training In Essex
We all need a little help now and again so whether you want to lose weight for a special occasion or you want to train to fulfil that life time ambition of running a marathon we can help. Not just with physical training but also using psychological tools to improve your mental outlook on life and your feelings for yourself. There are so many reasons that we can find not to start an exercise program

  • Procrastination
  • No motivation
  • No time
  • No facilities
  • Injury
  • Lack of ability/fitness
  • Cost
  • Embarrassment
  • Family responsibilities

Everyone can tick at least one or two reasons for not exercising. Unfortunately at no time in the history of mankind have we needed more to do some form of physical work to prevent our bodies from wasting away through lack of use. Work, hobbies and lifestyle all lead to a sedentary existence. Our bodies are like any other machine it needs maintenance fuel and constant use to ensure it functions to the best of its abilities.

Why Steve?

Steve has has brought personal training to a new level, he has trained everyone from the beginner to the serious athlete. You can gain from his knowledge and experience of over 40 years coaching athletes of all levels. He has specialised in training people with a set goal in mind, such as seeking to change career paths. He has trained people who have applied to join the police service, the prison service, the fire brigade and the Royal Marines. A personal trainer can help to motivate you to achieve things that seem impossible alone.

Steve has been involved in health and fitness for 40 years, providing personal training for over 20 years. With a BSc (Hons) degree in sports science from the University of Greenwich. He is a REPs Level 4 Advanced instructor and a qualified BACR Phase IV Cardiac Rehab Trainer. He is also qualified to work with special populations providing programmes for:

  • Ante & Post Natal
  • Older Adults
  • Sports Specific
  • Weight Management

As a qualified Sports Therapist he can help you when you experience physical problems during your training and as a life coach can help with the mental problems that stop us reaching a full potential. With over 35 years in the martial arts he can incorporate self defence training, kickboxing and Tai Chi into the sessions.

So if you’re looking for the best personal training then look no further. Contact Steve for a Personal Training Package to suit your lifestyle and your pocket.