Sports Therapy

Have you been injured or hurt while involved in sport or at work? Frustrated that you can’t train or take part in your sport? We offer the best sports injury treatment in Basildon. Most of us only seek professional help when we can stand it no more, sometimes weeks after the injury occurred, but after only three weeks the injury is well on its way to healing with a built in weakness that makes a recovery to full health far more difficult.

Rehabilitation must be started straight away to ensure a full recovery, don’t you owe it to yourself to get expert help as soon as possible? With the proper help the injured part can actually be stronger then before it was hurt and it need not cost an arm and a leg to get there!

Sports Massage

Massage is one of the oldest therapies known to man. Formalised and made popular by the Greeks and Romans it is natural that if we have a pain rubbing the injured area of the body makes us feel better. Massage works on lots of different levels it can be used to relax the body when it is tired or stressed, it can be used to relieve pain and allow healing to commence.Back mgmt

The body is made up of cells that need a constant supply of blood to supply nourishment and to take away waste products. Movement and exercise help increase the flow of blood to all areas and the working muscles massage and stretch the body. When muscles fatigue or are injured this process can slow, waste products build up and cause localised pain. By squeezing, stretching and manipulating the muscles and limbs these blockages can be broken down and increase the rate of healing. Sports Injury treatment in Basildon starts with sports massage.


After an injury the body heals but it is still not functionally strong so if the original problem that caused the injury has not been discovered and the weakness or bio mechanical problem still exists then the injury will reoccur. Steve will not only help the body to repair itself as quickly as possible but also ensure through corrective training that the problem happen again. Sports injury treatment in Basildon continues after the sports massage with rehabilitation treatment.

Flexibility Training

Continuing the sports injury treatment in Basildon after the massage and as part of the rehabilitation process we include flexibility training. After injury we can lose what is known as full Range of Movement (ROM), this makes us more susceptible to future injuries by using a number of different methods full ROM can be restored.

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